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No # 12885620

LIGHTING PROFIT LTD is registered under the UK Companies House, London under the companies Act 2006 as a private company. Given at companies House, Cardiff, on 17th September 2020.

GBP £1,000,000

SIC - Financial management

Our Registered office address is 13 Gloucester Street Pimlico, London, United Kingdom, SW1V 2DD.


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Turnover 1st level reach $10,000


Turnover 1st level reach $20,000


Turnover 1st level reach $40,000

TopWhat we do?

There is what we do

Lighting Profit is a Top tier Financial Management company registered under UK country (number 12885620) on September 2020. The main fundamental activity of the company is to allocate investment capital from our investors and attribute into cryptocurrency market and generate a sustainable and consistent profit which will then be distributed among investors and leaves some for the company aswell. What do we do? Lightning Profit diversify capitals into many source such as scalping, day trading, swing trading, position trading and much more. We believe that the keys to success is diversity and not putting all eggs in 1 basket. Regardless of bullish or bearish market, our strategy will generate stable and consistent income that guarantees profit outcome with minimum risk possible. Lightning Profit have gathered all the brightest minds from multiple fields in crypto markets areas to guarantee that all our decisions and actions that we have taken are always backed by experience, analytics, research and calculations. By combining the knowledge, capabilities and experience of financial trading with the possibilities offered by Blockchain technologies we manage to soar through the financial markets and brings you financial freedom to have a passive income anytime anywhere. Lightning Profit have a dedicated technician team that specializes in machine learning and also artificial intelligence. The way that technology advances, it provides us with more flexibility and make our daily life easier. Every day our specialists tweak and upgrade our neural network algorithms in order to maximize their efficiency. To that extent, we have also planned to add extra diversification to our already existing strategy to ensure even higher safety to our investors. There will be endless opportunities and possibilities that are waiting to be explore and seen, that is why you should join Lightning Profit as we have vision for the future and where the market is heading. The profits generated and collected by Us after distributing the accruals to investors, are directed towards financing our day-to-day operations. We are also building a reserve fund to serve as a guarantee for a future of stable accruals for all our precious investors. We take proper responsibility and cares for each of the funds of investors as its an important mutual trust and benefits from each others.

What's our mission?

Lightning Profit is a company with the mission of making investing a more simple endeavour for everyone, not only expert investors. Democratization is a noun that represents this new century in a very strong sense. With technology becoming more accessible to more people, the solutions they bring are expanding into new markets as well. We utilize this new ubiquity of technology to bring cutting edge investing solutions and planning right to your screens. With this, everyone can easily achieve passive income while staying at home, this is our mission to attain.

What's our vision?

We are happy to announce that our platform lightning profit, is now available onto public websites and accessible to every country and continent throughout the world. A lot of intense work has been put into planning, preparing, organising, and developing before we achieve to this point, and there are many more developments that are still ahead of us. We hope to bring you the best possible experience and financial freedom everyone dream of, and strive for success together.

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Got the best place to play and start the prosperity dream. It's super fast and get what I expect. Highly recommended it for my friends

Astron Haat

The best platform for investing. My dream off Financial Freedom for myself is beginning here. I'm so lucky to know lightingprofit soon

Steven Jobs

I like this platform so much. It's the best and much convenient platform I have ever invested. Highly recommend for starters

Michael Kors


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